Monday, June 25, 2007

G Team Real Estate

Twenty Years of Experience + Fresh New Energy =

The Best 2 for 1 Deal in Silicon Valley

Since 1989, signs started popping up all over the south bay area for homes with Barbara Gwozdz as the listing agent. To simplify her last name, Barbara simply added to the signs, “Ask for Barbara ‘G’”.

Barbara is pleased to announce that her daughter Holly G. Latta is joining ranks with her to help make dreams of homeownership come true. Together they make the G Team. Nearly twenty years of experience, plus fresh new energy equals the best two for one deal in the south bay.

Barbara has lived right here in Silicon Valley for over thirty-four years, and Holly has lived here all of her life. They know the benefits and challenges to living here, and can help get their clients exactly what they are looking for.

Early in life, both women were stay-at-home moms and volunteered in many aspects of their children’s lives. As many parents know, such positions filled by parent volunteers require an unprecedented amount of time, energy, leadership skills, and creativity. All of which have been put to use by these women in real estate.

In addition to these essential Realtor skills, Barbara has been involved in development and construction of new homes. She knows more about the systems of a home than most Realtors and can help her clients see items they may have missed.

Holly has always had a bee in her bonnet about sustainable living. She has found ways to integrate her passion with her profession by passing along the ways and means to save energy, money, improve indoor air quality, and much more during the crucial time that a property exchanges hands. She worked hard to become EcoBroker® Certified. This distinction continues to enable her to maintain and keep her "green" skills up to date.

Holly grew up watching Barbara grow her family of clients. Seeing the energy Barbara poured out to find that perfect home, negotiate the best price, or solve those inevitable sticky points in any transaction has been good preparation for Holly’s training. It is no surprise that Barbara has accumulated high acclaim from both buyers and sellers. To see what they are saying about working with the G team, please click here.

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maxmsf said...

Congratulations you guys! Not only should the green angle be a real competitive advantage for you, but I think you are in a great position to influence some real change in how people think about housing. Go get em!

Rhuth said...

Thanks, maxmsf! I hope you are right on both counts.