Saturday, July 19, 2008

Career Change

I have left Referral Realty and real estate in general to work for Planners Collaborative at NASA Ames Research Center.  My title is Project Coordinator/Administrative Assistant for the Human Systems Integration Division.  This is a group of scientists that work on making technology work for humans instead of training humans to work around technology.  They make our world and some floaty things above our world safer and more intuitive.

I know, I know.  This has very little to do with sustainable living.  I started this blog to try and mesh my passion with my career.  However, Sustainable living is still my passion as my hobby.  I intend to continue this blog as a hobby, and I feel this career change will actually make this an easier thing for me to do.  My weekends are now free to write articles!

I would like to thank my readers over the last year, and look forward to interacting with them for many more years to come.  See you soon!


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Plant Hire said...

Well Holly
You have chosen the better way to live your life according to your Lifestyle. Hobbies and Passions are the complement to each other, and we enjoyed them when we have leisure time.