Saturday, June 9, 2007


Why I Am Setting These Goals

As of this posting, I am brand spanking new! The Department of Real Estate web page has me listed as licensed, so I assume they have finished my paperwork, but I have not yet received my license in the mail. When I do, I intend to join the National Association of Realtors even though the PAC grates against my sense of social responsibility. My idea is to work with the established real estate system instead of against it in my attempts to create social change.

Besides, my focus is not big industry or PACs or government. My focus for change is a much larger group that is much less organized; people like me. People who:
  • Recognise the scientific evidence that the world cannot sustain the status quo.

  • Would like to help without living in a hut, eating twigs.

  • Prefer to make green changes when it saves them money.

  • Prefer to make green changes when it is convenient.

  • Prefer to make green changes when it would mean raising their standard of living, not lowering it.
I have amassed quite a library on sustainable living, and I know my way around the online communities for the subject. I love to spend my spare time just thinking, reading and experimenting with these ideas. I could certainly simply share my findings here, but I would rather direct you to other blogs and websites that already do this. I would prefer to offer people in the south bay a service. I want to be the go-to girl for getting green ideas implimented in your home. I do not indend to charge for this service. I know real estate books focus on get rich quick schemes, and that just turns me off. I find more satisfaction in volunteerism. I only ask that you consider the "G" Team if you ever need to buy or sell your home.

What My Goals Are

With this in mind, I have some goals to set on how I can go about integrating my knowledge into services for the south bay area.

  • Become EcoBroker Certified. This will keep me up to date on green home certification programs such as Energy Star Qualified Homes. This will also assist me in working through issues that may arrise in real estate transactions such as mold, radon, and indoor air quality so that I can provide real solutions that center around energy efficency and sustainable design.

  • Attend local green group meetings and classes. This will keep me abreast of how local laws and regulations effect our local and global communities. This will also enable me to network with other green professionals to call on when their specific area of expertise would be useful in your home. As new products and techniques become available, this is where I will hear about them first.
  • Learn paperless transaction techniques. My most memorable childhood recollection of my mother's real estate business was the mountains of paperwork she carried and stored. This has lessened considerably since the advent of the internet, but I have heard of transactions going totally paperless. I would like to look into this more.
  • Organize and grow my collections of books, articles, and magazines. I know where it all is and how to access it when I need it, but an organized bookshelf at the office would enable people visiting to browse, borrow, and refer to them just as easily as I do. My online sources should also be organized and available on the website or here in this blog.
The next step is to articulate how these goals will be implemented into services to offer my community. I have some ideas brewing, but they will be saved for future blog posts. ;-)

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