Saturday, June 16, 2007

Green Staging

My mother is the Queen of staging a home for sale. Over the years, she has built up quite a collection of staging supplies. Several years ago, I was impressed to watch her make an arrangement with her favorite furniture store. The furniture store lent her furniture for staging in her spec home. In exchange, this gave them extra storage and visibility. People would go through a fancy open house, and see the price and where to obtain the furniture that caught their eye.

This weekend, I am holding an open house in Morgan Hill. Here is a picture in case you are trying to look at that link after the home is sold. The house is vacant and beautifully staged. As large as her collection is, she still had to go out and buy more stuff for staging.

All this got me to thinking of how to stage in a sustainable way. A benefit of all my reading and researching green homes is that by default, I also learn a lot about household products that were produced sustainably and promote green living. As my mother has need to replenish and replace her collection, we can aim for using these green products.

Here is where I need your input. How would you know if you were walking through an open house if the stuff around you was environmentally conscious? Are people looking for green homes already familiar with green products? Would little note cards explaining how they are sustainable, and where they can be obtained (similar to the furniture my mother used) be useful information to you? Or would it be just too much marketing for too many things, and make you feel like you are in the IKEA scene in Fight Club? I need your feedback! Please leave a comment below.

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