Saturday, February 19, 2011

Huckleberry Box Weaving

My daughter and I are taking a beginning weaving class together. It's her turn to use the warping board, so I have to wait to load up my loom. I need string though! So, I took a little cardboard box, and started wrapping string around it. I'll be using my brightly colored spindle spun wool to do a very simple tapestry weave that will pull off the box to be a little bag.

My daughter was watching me intently and asked if she could have a turn with the box.


Sure! Then I can go out and whitewash the fence!


Minmin1123 said...

Sorry about the warping board. And the finished project looked cool.

Rhuth said...

I'm entering it in the Alameda County Fair! They have a competition for something woven out of yarn you've spun yourself. Grand prize is four bucks I think. Lol