Sunday, February 20, 2011

Featured Small Business

As you can see from the image to the left, I don't need any more boat shuttles. However, I could not resist purchasing from KCL Woods today, and purchased the beautiful boat shuttle to the right.

I went to Stiches West today. It was in Santa Clara this year, so I wanted to just go touch all the yummy fibers. I had terrific fun, and could not wipe the smile off my face. No classes. Just a few hours in the marketplace.

While there, I stopped by the booth of Ken and Carol Ledbetter (KCL) and drooled over their boat shuttles. As you can see by the Leclerc shuttle behind it, this bobbin can hold much more yarn than anything else on the market today. I do have one or two 6" bobins, that I constantly load up for large, long, one color production weaves. This new 10" bobbin will enable me to go much longer before I go back to the bobbin winder. And just look at that beautiful burled wood!

Thanks to Carol's guidance, Ken's woodworking talents have been channeled into some terrifically useful tools for fiber artists. By the time I got there, they had long ago run out of their bowls with a notch for balls of yarn. I will soon be ordering a nostepinne from them, I'm certain! The drop spindles, of course stole the show for the most part. There were a heck of a lot more tools for fiber artists at Stitches than they have on their website, so check out their art show schedule, or contact them through their website.

Help me convince Ken that we are willing to pay the astronomical prices he pays for aluminium for those extra large bobbins! As far as I know, he is the last producer of them!


Minmin1123 said...

Your so weird mom ;)

Rhuth said...

Hey! Strings are handy things!