Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free Loom - TAKEN

Update: This loom was claimed on 4/9/11. Thank you!

If you are willing to come pick it up in the south bay area, I'd like to give this floor loom a new home. It's a four harness jack loom with a built in rattle in the back. The brand name tag appears to have fallen off.

I already had my big Gilmore loom when a family friend offered Emily a little loom of her own. That little loom turned out to be a floor loom! I signed up Emily for the beginning weaving class, and she quickly lost interest. It was neat to spend the time with her, but Mom's interests are not daughter's interests.

I don't need two floor looms in my dining room! Leave a comment to discuss picking it up, please!


Anonymous said...

I think you will want to add a facebook icon to your site. I just marked down this url, but I must complete this manually. Simply my $.02 :)

Rhuth said...

Thanks, anonymous for the suggestion! I've placed the facebook icon at the bottom of the blog page. Your $.02 are always welcome here!