Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Like This Step

Threading through the heddles. It looks confusing and in disarray. It makes knitters run away in fear. It's so organized though! I love this part.

Those sticks in the back are firmly holding the cross. It doesn't matter how much everything else on the ends gets tangled. That cross will always fix it. When I am threading the heddles, I am taking each consecutive string from the cross and placing it through one heddle at a time in a specific pattern. Once done, those sticks holding the cross will no longer be necessary. The heddles will then keep things from getting tangled.

Right now there is no tension. Loops and knots are flopping all over the place. Things look sort of neat on the back beam, but not really lined up. Every string is doing it's own thing, and seems to have no intention of cooperating with the whole in an effort to create something bigger.

Once I am done with this step, a simple pull on the ends will bring everything in order. I could yank if I felt like it. I can be gentle. It doesn't matter. The preparation of this step means that the future tension I create will make every individual string line up neatly and cooperate with me.

String lines up so much more nicely than people. ;-)


Minmin1123 said...

Yah and I hate it, Although it is nice to have you to do it for me.

Rhuth said...

Bah. We'll make a simple back strap loom for you to hook against the front car seat. It will be like your friendship bracelet stuff. Mom will warp you up... 'cause your mom is warped.