Sunday, March 13, 2011

Free Twill Sampler Card Booklet

Beginning Weaving This link will give you the handout for the first floor loom class offered at Custom Handweavers in Mountain View. (Classroom at left.)

Four Shaft Twill Sampler Print this link out on business card paper, and punch holes in the top left hand corner of each card. Put a ring through the holes, and you have made a handy little booklet that is easy to refer to while weaving!

When I started my first weaving class, Henelore Cole, owner of Custom Handweavers in Mountain View, apologized for the old photo copy of a handout that was typed with a typewriter. I figured typing up the document for her in a word processor would help her with a freshened up handout, and I would be able to absorb the information better while typing.

While working the twill sampler on the last page, I got sick of twisting to my side. I took postit notes, and wrote down the treadle numbers for each of the 62 twill patterns. Instead of left to right, I found a vertical listing of the numbers easier to keep track of. I've printed up a few of the business cards in the second link above, and given them to Henelore. She really liked the design. She lets her students use the cards, but she keeps them herself because she found them handy.

I hope you find them handy too!

If you are in the California Bay Area, please consider taking this class or others with Henelore. Her website can be found here.

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